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aerial shot of Cephiro Cephiro is the world the three girls are summoned to and at times it seems to be a character in itself. Its landscape and the behavior of its inhabitants change to reflect the state of its Pillar. Cephiro is a mystical, otherworldly realm, not a parallel universe or imaginary dimension, but a real world with its own physical laws. It's hard to tell whether the "country" of Cephiro is a planet revolving around a star or a sort of asteroid body floating in space. Cephiro is a utopian land which the Magic Knights are there to save, but it is not always their ally. The monsters of Cephiro, born out of its inhabitants' fears, must be defeated or won over by the three girls.

In the second season there are three other worlds, sometimes referred to as "countries", whose inhabitants visit Cephiro: Autozam the technological, Japanese-like land (green color scheme), Fahren the Chinese-like land (red color scheme), and Chizeta the Arabian-like land (orange color scheme). During the second season there are many shots of Cephiro from space that would suggest it is a planet. In any case, Cephiro is a dynamic realm that responds to the will of its inhabitants through its climate, landscape, and even its natural - or unnatural - creatures.


Emeraude screenshot Princess Emeraude is both the sovereign ruler of Cephiro and a goddess-like figure whom the inhabitants pray to for protection. She was chosen to be Cephiro's Center or Pillar, the person whose strong will maintains peace by continuously praying for Cephiro's well being. She must stay generally focused on this task, but appears that she does not sit twenty-four hours a day praying, as she has been seen walking about the palace and sitting on her throne talking to her subjects, and presumably she sleeps like any ordinary Cephiran.

Little is known about the day to day life of the Pillar, or whether she was born into a royal family or chosen to be the Princess because of her strong will. She seems to have been chosen for the position early in life, or perhaps she was destined since birth, but since the Creator (who remains a mysterious figure until late in the second season) chooses the Pillar, it does not appear to be a hereditary position. There is no queen or king; she comprises the entire ruling body. As a sign of her strength of heart and goodness, Princess Emeraude appears young and innocent, unchanged since the day she became the Pillar. I often wonder who was the previous Pillar. Emeraude seems to have been the around for as long as any of the common folk can remember.

Emeraude is voiced by OGATA Megumi, who also voiced Eagle Vision in the second season.


Mokona is the inhabitant best known to the Magic Knights, their link with the foreign land. It's hard to tell what exactly Mokona is, and the three girls never refer to, um, it by a specific gender. In any case, the girls were directed to Mokona by Guru Clef, the first Cephiran they encountered. Mokona hardly seems capable of being their guide: when they first encounter it, Mokona is wrecking havok in the dwelling of the chief artisan/weapons crafter, Presea. Hikaru and Mokona soon take a liking to each other, but Umi is impatient with its enigmatic behavior. Mokona does seem to enjoy popping up unexpectedly and teasing both she and Primera (MKR2), who are both easy to annoy. But Mokona really does love Umi, as well as Fuu and Hikaru.

Mokona is definitely more powerful than it appears at first glance: it can provide them with food, shelter, direction, and more by way of a magical beam that emanantes from the jewel on its forehead. Mokona can also help provide them with powers by putting them in contact with Guru Clef while they are on their journey, and it appears to know a lot more about Cephiro and their situation than it lets on. Not that Mokona can really tell them anything; all it says is Puu! Puu! Or when they're in danger, it narrows its eyes and barks PUUU!

Mokona is voiced by SHIRATORI Yuri, who also voiced Primera in the second season.


Clef screenshot Title: Guru (manga) / Madoushi (anime)

Clef is the Master Sorceror (Guru Clef in the manga, Madoushi Clef in the anime) who is also centuries old, 745 years to be exact. But when the Knights first landed - literally - in Cephiro, they mistook him for a little boy. No surprise, considering his appearance! As Umi is fond of noting, he's quite short. He's not the most tactful, as he finds himself being called ecchi ("pervert") for tugging at Hikaru's skirt to check its durability. Umi promptly bit his head off, and he responded by whacking her on the head with his huge staff ^_^ He was simply checking their "armor", which is what he thought their strange clothes were.

Like Princess Emeraude, Clef has willed himself to appear very young, but apparently a youthful appearance is not always a guarantee of a kind and gentle nature. While Clef is devoted to Cephiro and the Princess, he has a short temper and a nasty habit of waving that staff around when he's peeved. Fortunately Hikaru seems to get along with him quite well, but it takes a while for him to get over being called a "squirt" by Umi ^_-

Clef has been assigned by Princess Emeraude to outfit and train the fledgling Magic Knights so that they might awaken the Mashin and save Cephiro, but he has no sooner apprised them of their situation and helped Hikaru find her magic when he is attacked by one of Zagato's minions. Despite being turned to stone near the beginning of the first season, Clef continues to help the Magic Knights along their journey by communicating through Mokona. Of course, he gets "unfrozen" eventually. He has the ability to summon beasts from the spirit realm.

Clef is voiced by SASAKI Nozomu.


Title: Pharle (manga) / Soushi (anime)

Presea, shown here laughing in delight at catching the mischievous Mokona in her trap, is the chief weapons creator in Cephiro. In the manga she is called the chief Pharle, and Soushi in the anime. Both mean Creator, and she is the Master Creator or Artisan (a swordsmith) of Cephiro. She has a playful streak which confuses the Magic Knights when they first meet her, as she is eager to devise a suitable "punishment" for them. But she is also a very caring and competent weapons crafter, and as the Master Creator she is the only one who can sculpt the greatest weapons of all, evolving weapons melded from the legendary mineral Escudo.

The previous Creator had passed onto her the legend of the Magic Knights who would come when Cephiro faced a crisis. As Master Creator she would be the one to supply them with the special weapons. This is something neither she nor her predecessor had ever done before, but had to be prepared for as part of their role. When the Knights brought her the Escudo she put her heart and soul into creating the best weapons possible for her new friends.

Presea is voiced by SHINOHARA Emi.


Ferio - neither a wielder of magic nor a fiercesome enemy, Ferio is an travelling swordsman whom the Knights meet in the Forest of Silence. He seems awfully young to be on his own, but he swings a mean sword and knows his way around the land. His cheek scar and earings look rather cute on a young boy, giving him a swashbuckling and carefree appearance. His adventurous and occasionally chivalrous nature certainly catches Fuu's attention, although she and Umi were cautious when they first met him.

So taken was he by Fuu's shrewdness and courage (and cuteness!), that he gave her a small gift to remember him by, and an offhand remark that he loved her, to Fuu's blushing surprise.

Ferio is voiced by YAMAZAKI Takumi.