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Console Games

There were quite a few console games created for Magic Knight Rayearth, including Game Boy, Game Gear, Saturn, Super Famicom (SNES) and Sega Pico. The entire list is available at Cephiro. Two are of particular interest.

The Magic Knight Rayearth RPG for the Sega Saturn, a port of an earlier Super Nintendo title, was adapted for American release in 1998 by Working Designs. This game had an actual soundtrack released for it, and you can download the music files from this site. It's a pretty basic RPG, nothing too spectacular from what I've heard. Working Designs produced its own English version of the opening theme, that of the Japanese anime, prior to the licensed English release of the anime by Media Blasters.

The other game of interest is a RPG released for the SNES (Super Famicom in Japan). It was released in 1995 by Tomy and the story is based on the first season of the anime. A fan group has translated the game for SNES emulator (ROM). You can download the game and learn more about it at Magic Knight Rayearth for SNES. It's an easy game in that the characters level up a lot and start out with high max HP, although there are apparently a couple tricky bits (see the fan translators' "Tips & Strategy")