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Fuu screenshot manga Fuu Fuu is less inclined to take the leader's role in group situations, but she will do whatever is necessary when called upon. She is perhaps the most mature of the three, always ready with advice and a plan. She is also a capable fighter, and her Healing Wind restores lives when fighting skills have failed. It is often said of her that she cares deeply about her fellow Magic Knights, which is true, but they all care for each other a great deal. While Hikaru will endanger herself while fighting for the cause, and Umi will conpromise her own safety to save others, Fuu's compassion and calm determination see the group through hazardous situations.

She starts out with a bow and arrows as her first weapon, as suits her Power of Wind, but when the Knights receive their true weapons she becomes the owner of the largest sword of all, a massive thing which is incredibly heavy when the others attempt to lift it, but light as a feather when wielded by the warrior for whom it was designed.