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anime Hikaru manga Hikaru Hikaru is a vertically challenged, tomboyish girl who wields the Power of Fire and leads the group. She is the same age as Umi and Fuu, but her physical height and youthful exuberance for the simple joys of life often make her appear childlike. But when it comes to bravery and taking control of a situation, battling tremendous and fearful enemies like the ominous Zagato, she handles the responsibility maturely and competently.

It is Hikaru who holds the Magic Knights together. After their first battle with a mud monster in Presea's home, Fuu confides in Umi that she believes it will be more difficult to follow Clef's instructions than she initially thought, and Umi is worried when Fuu suggests that the future monsters they will encounter will likely be even stronger. They find comfort in Hikaru's courage and ability to handle the situation earlier. If it were not for her accepting each battle and challenge without reservation, always pledging to do her best to save Cephiro, one has to wonder what Umi and Fuu might have done if left to themselves.

Hikaru's sword becomes the most elaborate throughout its transformations (although Fuu's is bigger), and when she whips it out of her glove in a stream of flame and takes her stance, the determined look on her face is a sign that she will permit nothing to stand in the way of protecting her friends and fulfilling her quest.