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Magic Knight Rayearth Manga

Japanese title: 魔法騎士レイアース (Mahou Kishi REIAASU, or "Magic Knight Rayearth")

The six volumes of the Magic Knight Rayearth manga have been translated into a number of languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French, and numerous Asian languages.

The manga was first serialized in the girls' magazine Nakayoshi from 1993-1995, with the second part being serialized in Nakayoshi 1995-1996. The complete series was reprinted in six tankoubon ("separate volumes") Each tankoubon featured very nice bonus color pages, a bonus mini-manga from CLAMP, and character profiles in the back. These original tankoubon are out of print.

Rayearth Cover 1 Rayearth Cover 2 Rayearth Cover 3
Rayearth 2 Cover 1 Rayearth 2 Cover 2 Rayearth 2 Cover 3

New Edition Manga (Shinsoban)

The Rayearth manga was reprinted in shinsoban ("new edition") volumes, which are smaller than the original tankoubon and lack the bonus materials from original tankoubon. These versions were published in 2002-2003 and feature new cover art.

English Release

Dark Horse (2011-2012)

Dark Horse Comics picked up the licenses of numerous CLAMP series including Rayearth after Tokyopop lost their Kodansha licenses. Dark Horse reissued Magic Knight Rayearth manga with a brand new translation in two very attractive 640-page omnibuses using artwork from the shinsoban covers.

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Tokyopop (1997, 2003)

The manga was first published in English in 1997 by Tokyopop in the "flipped" (left-to-right) direction. As one of their earliest manga, there were some errors in translation and the books were missing some bonus materials (omake) from the Japanese versions. In 2003-2004 Tokyopop remastered the books in the right-to-left format with a new translation, improved image quality, and an attractive new cover design. These books were initially released in two limited edition box sets with the added bonus of a 64-page color-and-B/W booklet containing the color illustrations, bonus manga, and character profiles from the Japanese editions. The second box set's bonus booklet featured paper dolls and more black & white character profiles. These omake were only available as part of the box sets.

Tokyopop also published translated editions of the Magic Knight Rayearth artbooks (out of print).

Tokyopop Reprint Manga ~ MKRE I Tokyopop Reprint Manga ~ MKRE II


Magic Knight Rayearth was created by the popular and prolific shoujo manga team CLAMP which consists of the leader, OHKAWA Nanase, who scripts CLAMP's stories, the main illustrator, APAPA Mokona (yes, that Mokona), and assistants IGARASHI Satsuki and NEKOI Mick. CLAMP is not unusual in consisting of more than one member, since most manga-ka have assistants, but they differ in that the assistants are given full credit and make up part of a consistent team for each of their works. CLAMP has had other members in the past, numbering seven at the time of their first major work RG Veda. The CLAMP influence can be seen very clearly in such manga as former memeber AKIYAMA Tamayo's Cyber Planet 1999: Hyper Run. While CLAMP is often best known for their darker titles such as RG Veda, X, Tokyo Babylon and Clover, they are equally proficient with cheerful, cutesy manga like Wish, CLAMP School Detectives, Angelic Layer, and Card Captor Sakura.

Official Website: CLAMP-NET.COM