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With Rayearth


Polydor/Polygram POCX-1078
Comes in a clear plastic sleeve-box

This is an original song album for the "Rayearth" OAV series, composed of image songs sung by the characters' seiyuu (voice artists). Just like the Original Song Books for the TV series, the songs on this CD are excellent, but they have a more contemporary feel. My favourite songs are Hikaru's and Alcyone's.

Track Title Performer/Lyrics
Dakishimechau! (Embrace) SHIINA Hekiru (Hikaru)
Tomodachi Desho (We're Friends, Right) YOSHIDA Konami (Umi)
From Me to You KASHAHARA Hiroko (Fuu)
Across the Universe KOSUGI Jyurota (Lantis)
Let It Over OGATA Megumi (Eagle Vision)
Yesterday YAMAZAKI Takumi (Ferio)
In My Life AMANO Yuri (Alcyone)
Mokona's Garden
Goran, Taiyou Dayo (Look, It's the Sun) SASAKI Nozomu (Clef)
Her Mystery RUI [39 seconds]