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anime Umi manga Umi Umi is the wielder of the Power of Water and her weapon is a thin but powerful fencing sword. She is the tall, blue-haired girl whom Hikaru first thought looked like a pop idol. Her calm exterior in Tokyo Tower masked a strong personality who is unwilling to accept calmly such irrational situations as the bewildering Fountain of Eterna and the at-times frustrating behavior of Mokona. While Hikaru and Fuu seem to accept their unbelievable trip to Cephiro and the bizarre occurances and characters they meet there with little question, Umi reacts less like a fictional character and more like we would: she finds it all just a little too crazy and ridiculous!

Umi and Fuu look on Hikaru as a little sister, and Umi is the "big sister" who protects them all. While Hikaru throws herself wholeheartedly and sometimes a little recklessly into battle, Umi is more calculated and controlled. Although she initially complains about being stranded in Cephiro and is always ready to rant about the absurdities of the foreign world ("Weirdo Fountain of Eterna"), her strong loyalty to her friends and determination to succeed make her a fierce adversary in battle.