Magic Knight Rayearth Original Soundtrack 3 – Unyielding Wish

Japanese title: 魔法騎士レイアース オリジナル・サウンドトラック[3] ゆずれない願い
Romaji: Magic Knight Rayearth Original Soundtrack 3 ~ Yuzurenai Negai

Polydor POCH-1490
Released 1995.03.25

This soundtrack includes unplugged and orchestral versions of the opening and ending themes and orchestral versions of some BGM from the first two soundtracks. Track translations by Colette CD ~ Connection.

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Track Titles / MP3 Downloads
1. Yuzurenai Negai <Unplugged Version> (“Unyielding Wish [Unplugged Version]”)
Performed by Naomi TAMURA
ゆずれない願い <アンプラグド・ヴァージョン>
2. Main Theme <Orchestra Version>[Remix]
メイン・テーマ <オーケストラ・ヴァージョン>〔リミクス〕
3. Kumikyoku —Sentou— <Orchestra Version-Remix> (“Musical Selection —Battle— [Orchestra Version-Remix]”)
4. Kyuusoku (“Rest”)
5. Introduction ~ Kaijin —Selece— (“Introduction ~ Sea God —Selece—)”)
6. Introduction ~ Kuushin —Windam— (“Introduction ~ Sky God —Windam—”)
7. Introduction ~ Enjin —Rayearth— (“Introduction ~ Fire God —Rayearth—”)
8. Yuujou Soshite Kibou e <Orchestra Version>[Remix] (“To Friendship and Hope [Orchestra Version-Remix]”)
友情そして希望へ <オーケストラ・ヴァージョン>〔リミクス〕
9. Introduction ~ San Mashin Gaitai! (“Introduction ~ Three Rune-Gods Unite!”)
10. Mashin —Zagato ~ Emeraude— (“Rune-Gods —Zagato ~ Emeraude—”)
11. Yuzurenai Negai <Orchestra Version>[]Remix] (“Unyielding Wish [Orchestra Version-Remix]”)
ゆずれない願い <オーケストラ・ヴァージョン>〔リミクス〕
12. Asu e no Yuuki <Acoustic Version> (“The Courage Leading to Tomorrow” [Acoustic Version])
Performed by Keiko YOSHINARI
明日への勇気 <アコースティック・ヴァージョン>

Production Credits

Track 01
Composed by: Naomi Tamura, Hiroto Ishikawa
Arranged by: Norio Sakai
Performed by: Naomi Tamura
Lyrics by: Naomi Tamura  

Tracks 02-10
Composed and arranged by: Hayato Matsuo
Supervision (監修): Koichi Sugiyama

Track 11
Composed by: Naomi Tamura, Hiroto Ishikawa
Arranged by: Hayato Matsuo
Supervision: Koichi Sugiyama

Track 12
Composed and Lyrics by: Katsuki Maeda
Arranged by: Takayuki Negishi
Performed by: Keiko Yoshinari

Performed by: S.P.S. Orchestra (2, 3, 8, 11)
Conducted by: Katsuaki Nakatani

Japanese track titles and production credits sourced from VGMdb