Magic Knight Rayearth Original Soundtrack Vol. 3: Yuzurenai Negai (“Unyielding Wish”)

Polydor POCH-1490
Released 1995.03.25

This soundtrack includes unplugged and orchestral versions of the opening and ending themes and orchestral versions of some BGM from the first two soundtracks. Track translations by Colette CD ~ Connection.

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Track Name Translation
1. Yuzurenai Negai [Unplugged Version] (Naomi TAMURA) Unyielding Wish
2. Main Theme [Orchestra Version-Remix]  Main Theme
3. Kumikyoku – Sentou [Orchestra Version-Remix] Musical Selection – Battle
4. Kyuusoku Rest
5. Introduction ~ Kaijin – SERESU Introduction ~ Sea God – Ceres (a.k.a. Selece)
6. Introduction ~ Kuushin – UINDAMU Introduction ~ Sky God – Windam
7. Introduction ~ Enjin – REIASSU Introduction ~ Fire God – Rayearth
8. Yuujou Soshite Kibou e [Orchestra Version-Remix] To Friendship and Hope
9. Introduction ~ San Mashin Gaitai! Introduction ~ Three Rune-Gods Unite!
10. Mashin – ZAGAATO ~ EMEROODOO Rune-Gods – Zagato ~ Emeraude
11. Yuzurenai Negai [Orchestra Version-Remix] Unyielding Wish
12. Asu e no Yuuki [Acoustic Version] (Keiko YOSHINARI) The Courage Leading to Tomorrow