Season 2 Characters

These profiles describe the characters primarily as they appear in the anime

A running in-joke is that many of the characters are named for car models.


Lantis is Zagato’s younger brother, which comes as a shock to the Magic Knights when they return to Cephiro in the second season. His official title is “Cail” and it was his duty to protect Emeraude, but after seeing the looming tragedy surrounding her and his brother, he left Cephiro to stay in Autozam. Like his brother, he is a powerful magic wielder, but he is a magic swordsman which seems to be an unusual combination in Cephiro. He was Guru Clef’s most gifted student in the magic arts. While in Autozam, he and Eagle Vision formed a close friendship – just how close is teased at, but never conclusively discussed in either the anime or manga. Lantis has feelings for Hikaru, but is very much the “strong, silent type” and isn’t good at verbalizing his emotions.

Voiced by KOSUGI Juurouta, who voiced Zagato in the first season.


Primera is a pixie who has stood by Lantis’ side ever since he rescued her from a monster in the forest. She fell easily for his tall, dark and handsome charms. Although she realizes he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, Primera dreams of staying with Lantis forever. Her magic is limited to healing and amplification, although she only uses it to help Lantis. Primera and Mokona function as the comic relief in the second season, with Mokona picking on her good-naturedly like he did previously with Umi. She immediately recognizes Hikaru as a rival for Lantis’ affections, but Hikaru doesn’t really take her seriously. Poor Primera!

Voiced by SHIRATORI Yuri, who also voices Mokona.


When the anime was created for the second season of MKR, the director and CLAMP apparently realized that there wasn’t enough story about the three invading countries to play out for 29 episodes. So two new characters were created to cause even more trouble for the Magic Knights: Nova and Debonair. Nova bears a slight physical resemblance to Hikaru (although she’s inhumanely skinny) and is obsessed with her. No one but Hikaru knows she exists, as she only communicates with Hikaru in her dreams. Who is she, and what is her relationship with Debonair, whom she calls “mother”?

Voiced by MIKI Itou.


Debonair is the ominous “big bad” lurking in the background of the second season, but she appears only in the anime. A scary-looking, unworldly presence who haunts Hikaru’s dreams, Debonair-sama (“Lady Debonair”) keeps trying to break thru from a nightmarish shadow world into Cephiro’s reality. She appears infrequently and generally works thru Nova to get to the Magic Knights. Voiced by ATSUKO Takahata.

Autozam Invaders

Eagle Vision is the commander of the NSX, the battleship that leads Autozam’s invasion force. He’s Autozam’s top mecha pilot, but off the battlefield he’s relaxed and always smiling. He loves teatime and taking a nice nap afterwards. His increasing sleepiness caused much concern among his friends. Little did they know that he carried with him a terrible secret… (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Geo Metro – Second in command of the NSX, Geo Metro is an excellent fighter. He’s a true friend to Eagle, always watching out for him, especially when Eagle doesn’t watch out for himself. He’s also friends with Lantis, so Eagle’s decision to invade caused Geo great distress. Despite his rough exterior, he has a sweet tooth and isn’t fond of alcohol. He gets along well with the much younger Zazu. (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Zazu Torque – Even though he’s the youngest member of the NSX crew, Zazu is the top mechanic. His skills have pulled his crewmates out of numerous jams, as Zazu can fix just about anything. He signed on for this mission so he could stay close to his favorite mecha — Geo’s FTO. He loves an occasional drink and will take whatever he can get! He’s currently on the lookout for a girlfriend. (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Fahren Invaders

Lady Aska – Still a child, Lady Aska is in training to become Fahren’s next Empress. Being the heir to the throne, as well as an orphan, she’s grown up spoiled and acts a little selfish, but she has a good heart. Her reasons for coming to Cephiro are purely selfish. She wishes to rule a land where all her dreams come true. Her favorite companion and friend is Sang Yung, the child of her former nanny. She is required to keep her tutor, Chang Ang, with her at all times, but that doesn’t mean she has to listen to him. The illusionary spells she uses were passed down her family line for generations. (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Sang Yung – Lady Aska’s loyal servant, Sang Yung grew up by her side. He has a chibi face but he’s actually very smart and studious. His wish is that when Lady Aska becomes Empress, he can be by her side and provide counsel. He can’t use the illusionary arts of the royal family, but he’s well trained in martial arts and archery. He might be holding a crush for Lady Aska, but due to class differences, he knows nothing could ever come of it. (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Chang Ang – The acting regent, he leads the Fahren government until Lady Aska is old enough to take her seat. A relative of the royal family, he has some magical abilities. He sees great potential in Lady Aska, and his unforgiving regimen of study and discipline is his way of showing that he cares. Lady Aska calls him a “preachy old man”, but he doesn’t mind putting up with her abuse. He hopes that when he’s gone, Sang Yung will continue to guide Lady Aska. (Source: Magic Knight Rayearth II Manga Character Collection, English Edition)

Chizeta Invaders

Tatra and Tarta are the twin princesses of the Arabian-like world of Chizeta. They also wish to become Pillar, although it’s never stated if they plan to share the position. Tatra (who wears her hair loose), is very calm and dignified at all times, and has a penchant for serving tea and being amusingly polite. Tarta (who wears her hair braided) is much more direct about her ambitions to annex Cephiro to increase the size of their tiny country and is frustrated by her sister’s laidback nature when in the presence of their enemies. She is a counterpart to Umi, while Tatra is similar to Fuu. Both sisters have the ability to summon two guardian deities called Djinn whom they magically control like avatars. The djinn’ names are Rahkun and Rasheen (Rashid in the English manga) and they always manage to creep out Umi.

Tatra is voiced by KIKUKU Inoue and Tartra is voiced by AYA Hisakawa.