Rayearth: In My Heart is a long-running Magic Knight Rayearth anime fansite featuring MP3 audio downloads for all the Japanese CDs and CD-singles, lyrics translations, artbook scans, and info pages. I run a similar fansite for Sailor Moon.

Jan 13, 2019 – Switch to High Quality MP3 Files

I recently upgraded the MP3 downloads from 192kbps to high quality 320kbps files and removed the FLAC files. The large file transfers generate heavy bandwidth loads which have been causing issues with my Dreamhost site hosting. There were some errors on some of the MP3s for OST 4 and OST 5 so I re-encoded all those tracks today.

There are still a few low quality audio files for singles which I simply don’t own: All You Need is Love, RUN/Yami no Yume, Asu eno Yuuki, Hikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta mama/Human Life, Itsuka Kagayaku/Aoi Tenshi no Ito, and Yuzurenai Negai/Ano hi no futari wa mou inai.

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Vocal Albums

Magic Knight Rayearth Best Song Book
Magic Knight Rayearth Original Song Book
Magic Knight Rayearth Original Song Book 2
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Magic Knight Rayearth OST 1 – Chosen Girls
Magic Knight Rayearth OST 2 – Legendary Knights
Magic Knight Rayearth OST 3 – Unyielding Wish
Magic Knight Rayearth OST 4 – New Bonds
Magic Knight Rayearth OST 5 – Hikaru, Umi, Fuu
Magic Knight Rayearth Original Soundtrack Best
RAYEARTH OAV Original Soundtrack 1st Half
RAYEARTH OAV Original Soundtrack 2nd Half
Magic Knight Rayearth Sega Saturn Original Soundtrack

English Theme Songs

Produced by Media Blasters for the English language version
Extracted from the DVDs

Opening Theme 1 – Unyielding Wish
Opening Theme 2 – Still Embracing Light and Darkness
Ending Theme 2 – Lullaby~Hug Me Softly