In My Heart is a multimedia fansite for Magic Knight Rayearth featuring MP3 and FLAC music files, lyrics, and artbook scans from the magical girl/giant mecha/swords & sorcery shoujo series by CLAMP.

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The story synopsis is as follows:

Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are three schoolgirls out on a field trip to Tokyo Tower…when suddenly a strange voice summons them to Cephiro, a world full of monsters and magic. They have been brought here as the last hope of the Princess Emeraude, who believes they are the Magic Knights foretold in legend who will save her realm.

Magic Knight Rayearth was serialized in the girls’ magazine Nakayoshi from Nov 1993 to Feb 1995, followed by a sequel (Magic Knight Rayearth 2) from Mar 1995 to Apr 1996. The manga was adapted into a 2 season TV anime series which aired from Oct 1994 to Nov 1995. A retelling of the story was released as a 3-part OAV in 1997. The franchise has been translated into numerous languages including English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog.